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Saturday, August 13, 2022

There Were Some Events, Made Changes, Making Progess Now

Some Events

I see that there are some gaps in the blogging here and they coincide with some major events.  I had to help a family member and I am now caring for that person a lot.  I also had my own health challenges to deal with.  I'm still moving forward on my music, but my youtube video posting stopped.

I removed all my youtube videos after that big COPPA event.  That event ended the channels that were posting material meant for a younger audience.  Some of them were businesses and they could no longer communicate with their audience.  There was a lot of disruption and threats of legal action and fines was being discussed.  Then it seemed like there was no more discussion of these things for a while, the channels that had to change didn't return, but new posts were still happening like before.  Did I miss something?

Even without the youtube changes, I was not going to be able to continue my video production as earlier anyway.  With the major events that were happening, it would have been nearly impossible.

Sorry About the Dead Links

The links to those videos on this blog are now dead links!  I haven't edited those links in the prior blog entries.  I did mention a few of those videos in this blog, so that's a troubling thought.

Still, I Am Making Progress

I may have made it sound like everything is on hold, and it may have been for a while, but not now.  I am making more progress now than ever before but not with youtube videos, but what I should really be doing and that is music.

My new website for my music is in its infancy and so I'm not even posting the link here right now.  

So I'm back on track and it feels really really good.

Coming soon will be the following things: New original music, new website for only that music, instagram, twitter, FB, reddit posts of music progress updates, music videos for the original music, and live streaming for the performance of the new original music, some original artwork for the graphics for the new original music.

And that is the update.  

To all of you stopping in here and reading some of this blog, I hadn't checked it in a while and I was shocked at the number of views and I had to immediately post and say hello and thanks, and make sure I posted a little update.

As soon as any of the items on the above list materialize, meaning I spent time working on them and now there's content to link to, I'll post the update here also.

See ya sooner - J

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