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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Happy New Year - I Think I Need A Database

Happy New Year 2021

no more 2020

Getting Organized

I think I need a database.  I have a lot of things to organize and I've been using lists, notebooks, clipboards, index cards, but it feels scattered around and I do like databases, so I think I'll make one or more.

What Are All These Things?

What are these things I need to organize?  I have a list of about a dozen things I'd like to sort.

Contacts, music, books, video files - this is a big one since I don't even remember what I recorded with my many cameras or where they are.  Audio clips that I produced or that I purchased and downloaded, or are they still on the cloud?  Locations are also many: disc, flash ram, external disc, SD, in the machine or in a box, etc...and there's more, to be continued.... (and soon...) - J