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Sunday, March 7, 2021

I Took Database Idea Seriously

More Database

Yes, I Took Database Idea Seriously

So I used to do a little database development a few years ago.  I don't really like the whole bloated database development application that has built in stuff and you have to pay for it and it has to be loaded up every time you want to look at your data.  Especially since I'm mainly using Linux, I pass on that.

Wow, Python

Python is the answer.  It even has its own built-in database for local data called, SQLite.  It also has its own GUI, graphical user interface components for windows, buttons, entry boxes, the stuff we use all the time on our Macs and PCs, and our KDE and Gnome Linux desktops.  So I dove into Python for my desktop application database and it's really amazing.

Some difficulty getting it up and running quickly, however, because I didn't know how to program it when I started.  So the time required was not just the programming, but learning how to do it also.  That compounded the development time significantly. 

The other thing I did was to start with a less significant database idea during learning rather than my most important data.  January and February were all about the database development and now here in March, 2021, I am using that initial database application and copying the code to get a much faster start on the databases that are more important.

I started with a simple Receipts database application and this was most of the 2 months time.  In only a day, I just began to modify the code for the second database app for Media.  Seeing how fast it is now to re-use my code is also amazing.  Pretty soon I'll have all my databases developed and I can implement them and get organized and efficient.  This is exciting.

I may get into the programming details on another blog rather than confuse this one with that type of info.  Winter is a good time for programming and learning how to program a new language since there's more time without sunlight up here in the cold NY North.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Happy New Year - I Think I Need A Database

Happy New Year 2021

no more 2020

Getting Organized

I think I need a database.  I have a lot of things to organize and I've been using lists, notebooks, clipboards, index cards, but it feels scattered around and I do like databases, so I think I'll make one or more.

What Are All These Things?

What are these things I need to organize?  I have a list of about a dozen things I'd like to sort.

Contacts, music, books, video files - this is a big one since I don't even remember what I recorded with my many cameras or where they are.  Audio clips that I produced or that I purchased and downloaded, or are they still on the cloud?  Locations are also many: disc, flash ram, external disc, SD, in the machine or in a box, etc...and there's more, to be continued.... (and soon...) - J