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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Paused My Twitch Streaming

Paused My Twitch Streaming


I paused my Twitch streaming even though I had been listening to some advice that said to stream

as much as possible.  If one is gaming, then that advice makes sense since the content is the gamer who is gaming and that is a complete package.  I'm not a gaming streamer, however, I am a music streamer.


Music Streaming

Music streaming is different.  I tried to stream the production of my music tracks, but there really isn't much action in that.  It is mostly a static image on the screen with me, the producer, musician, and now streamer is making some comments on the production process.  

 The fact that I am producing and arranging and recording, is actually slowed down and interrupted and distracted by streaming!  So it is not the right content for a stream and especially not a music stream.

Producing Music on a DAW


Producing music on a DAW, a Digital Audio Workstation, is how it is done these days.  Some music is still produced the old ways, but not as much.  Even if it is using all of the old techniques, the final audio will be routed to a DAW, even if it is also being recorded to analog tape.

The process is not that interesting to the final music listener because what they are looking for is the final production, the final mix, the master.  Only some super-fans or other musicians and producers would be interested in seeing this process and that's a very small audience compared to the potential audience on the audio video streaming platforms.  Even I as a musician and producer, am bored by it and not interested in seeing this!  So maybe the audience is even non-existent.  Which is why I have paused my streamingfor now.


I Will Stream Again!

However, I will stream again as soon as I have completed a number of tracks that I can DJ stream, mix, and even perform some improv parts during the stream.  I may perform one of the tracks live.  I definitely will be taking one of the tracks and filtering it as DJ's do.  These "tracks," are then called "stems."  They are produce for this very purpose.  


Not so sure I love the format here, I may have to make some changes soon.  I have limited time, I think I'll stick to producing first so I can get back to streaming as soon as I can.  Thanks for stopping in, see you soon on Twitch - Jay Nocats

Jay Nocats