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Thursday, July 30, 2020

I'm Streaming Again After A Break During May and June 2020

I was busy adjusting to things, like the lockdown, and making sure I had supplies while continuing care giving full time.  So I took a break from streaming for a couple of months, May and June 2020.  I'm back and it feels good.

Another part of the delay was tech issues.  My FX1600 AMD box didn't boot about a year and a half ago and by then I had it for 3 years or more so I replaced it rather than troubleshoot it.  The replacement had a problem in June and that's when I decided to look into the old one since I was opening up the new one also.

New one needed a replacement video card but old one only needed a power supply, which was only $20.

Repairing both, I now have two working machines which is great since I decided that I have to stream from a different room since I can't stand up and stream from my desk.

I had to test the old FX1600 box since I never
streamed with it and it worked, which was good, although the resolution was only 480.  I might be able to increase that but it's good enough for a start in the new location.

So all of the streams so far were done from my desk, which I think is pretty boring and I can't pick up a guitar easily or use much of my other equipment since my desk is small and full and I have other gear still in boxes in the other room.  I'm looking forward to using more stuff.

The other surprise was that I had about 6 viewers at one time during my, "DJ Beats and Tracks Work" stream.  It isn't many, but it is for me especially since I'm really only still testing and trying stuff out.

The tracks I'm using are my own arrangements of samples I purchased with an unlimited use license which is really great since I'm not using any copyrighted music that would need clearance. 

I really wanted to get set up in the other room and at least test another stream with new setup and new camera angle and I'm so stoked to get that going, but today was a very busy day in caregiving.  I just double checked the spelling of that and found this nice site I have to look at: Caregiving

I noticed it explained things well right at the top.  I'll be blogging on that subject at some point also since I've been doing it for years and I have a few things to share.

My Twitch channel from where I stream is: NoCats_Net on Twitch

The on-demand videos of most recent streams are available there also, VOD, Video On Demand.

That's all for now, I can't believe July 2020 is gone. - Jay Nocats.

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