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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I Really Gotta Catch Up!

11pm ET, Wed. April 29, 2020 and I Really Gotta Catch Up.

Some stuff has been going on, an understatement, since prior post which was...January!  Everybody knows what, so I won't repeat that stuff.  Other stuff is better.

So the first thing that happened since my last post was that I found a very cool podcast from a podcaster and Twitch gamer.  This guy is amazing, I listened to all of his podcasts multiple times in February.  I'm planning a blog post on him, Nick.  I'll gather his links and post them on the next blog entry here.  He's so good I have to do an entry specifically on him and his expert podcasts.

My Jan. post was about my rediscovering Twitch.  I then listened to Nick about how to run a Twitch channel.  I was in planning stages but one point he made was that you should jump in immediately and grow while streaming.  That made sense so I did.  I actually started my channel and started streaming.

After a full month, however, I had to stop and figure something out since I was kind of stuck on one thing and it needed to change...and then, the virus.

That had me much more busy than usual, and I had to change my channel in some way, and so I stopped streaming but I did start watching a lot.  Sometimes all night, many times all night.  It was a good thing to do since it gave me an idea of the various ways to approach music streaming on Twitch.

I was playing piano keyboards into my ancient macbook using Logic Pro X and multitracking layers of the old song, St. Louis Blues, by W.C. Handy.  There are reasons why I chose this song that I'll get into in a later post.  I can't read piano music well, so I would record the left hand and then right hand for a number of measures of the song.  This took hours since I made mistakes.  I had a few viewers, hardly any chat activity and no followers.  I had a handful of followers but it wasn't generated by my channel stream.  The followers were folks I had chatted with on other streams I was watching.

There is so much more to this, but I have to end it here with my much better idea for my stream, which is to do a combination of DJ mixing with my original music but even before that, with loops and samples.  I have some gear and I am stoked to start. - J.

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