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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

What Happened Since 2017 Part 1

I was testing out YouTube for about a year.  After a couple of months of research, I was still not convinced that this was a viable platform or was actually going to generate any income.  Back then, there were a lot of changes, but then YT seemed to settle down into a solid and steady set of functions and one of those was how they allowed monitizing, they call, "monitization."

They set it up so that the goal of a channel was 10,000 views.  That's it, no requirements for subscriber numbers or clicks, or likes, etc.  This was really good for a number of reasons that I'll get into on another blog post.

I'll just say at this time that of course, they changed all of this, but only after I had reached that 10,000 channel views and was approved for monitization and set up ads on videos and actually saw a nice accelerating stream of ad revenue.  So I was very much encouraged that they were actually following through on everything that they said they would and I was very impressed, and really surprised at how well their system worked. 

I tested out some views and the system actually did register them, wow, amazing....  So I was highly encouraged and started to go full time into producing videos, and promoting them and it was all working so well, that my statistics were visually showing acceleration of views and many of the other available numbers that they count on a channel, and pennies added up to dollars, but then just as I started to feel confident and my extremely low expectations were totally reversed, and I had a good 8 weeks of this, BANG, it all fell apart, to put it kindly.

I was so full of doubt, convinced that there was no way this was possibly a viable activity, and then just as I was proven wrong, it was all on the level and they were doing exactly what they said and they developed trust in me it just all turned right back around and it was over.  As I write this now, I'm feeling it all again and so that's why I can't continue this right now, I have to calm down and collect my thoughts to continue with part 2.  I'll also include some graphics showing the charts of the accelerating statistics and stuff.  I just can't right now.  Thanks for stopping in and reading - J.

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