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Friday, December 22, 2017

This Year Was Great and It Continues Part 1 Goal

I set a goal and I reached it.  I threw a bunch of videos up at my YouTube channel and experimented with them to see what would happen.  Yes, that's the shotgun approach, but I stuck with it and something did happen, so it wasn't totally wrong, maybe it could've been better, but it got me results.

10,000 lifetime YouTube channel views
This goal took me 10 months.  It wasn't 1,000 per month, it was a couple of thousand initially and then a long, slow dip before only about 3 of 50 videos far outperformed the average.

Below is the current chart of views over lifetime of my YouTube channel, which is one year old this month.  The spike is a little over 100 on that day, this is a daily chart so it has approximately 360 data points, one a day for a year.  The dip has days that go as low as 5 views on that day.

I was lucky and I totally knew it when I started with a holiday video that did well.  It was my first video, unedited, and has about 2,000 views mostly on the initial spike there.  Then nothing, after that, but I was totally prepared for the nothing response to my additional videos.  I did some research before I started this project so that helped me mentally prepare for the nothing response and I knew I was lucky with the initial Santa holiday fire department parade video that I published during the holidays, 2016.  But a little luck was encouraging.

10,000 lifetime channel views became an important statistic for YouTube after I started.  They implemented that after I started the channel.  Things changing that much at YT were a concern I had since I had very low expectations of the entire enterprise to begin with, so these big changes in their management of the program didn't help. 

This is Part 1 of my year end blog post series.  Next, I'll talk about having to edit initial Santa video because of copyrights, and what videos gained views and which did not, and why I had to pause for a while.

Thanks for reading, stop in at the channel some time, follow, subscribe, etc., if interested in updates. - J

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