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Friday, August 4, 2017

What Happened to July 2017, no posts?

July 2017 was crazy.  Here's some of it in a little list that I could make a vlog that could easily fill a few minutes with clips.

Got a bunch of books on software, haven't had time to look at them yet.
Got a couple of letters with tickets falsely accusing me of traffic violations.
Had to investigate why my father was getting a bunch of bills he never saw before, had to sort a decade of paper to find clues.
Was not going to let my newly uptrending chart of YouTube views and watch time slip so I published a bunch of videos.
Spent a day testing gear to get a better voice over audio sound and got it.
Yard work; place is way over grown; cutting stuff down in the heat is exhausting;
regular yard work, lawn, etc.
appointments for dentist
shopping, dining out, helping dad
Constantly rearranging stuff and organizing stuff and searching for misplaced stuff in extremely limited space.
fixing stuff, cleaning
Sat at DMV to return plates, took old car off the road to maybe fix someday.
Sat at Toyota for a couple of recalls.

Replaced my front brakes but had trouble and it took a few half days
need a wheel, but trying to not go to Toyota for it, takes more time, though
needs tires, waiting for wheel....
Needs fender skin and why is the A/C draining into the car!?
It sucks that it's summer and so far, no beach, no boating, no swimming, no gardening, and no blog entry for July.  It's now August 4, 2017, this is crazy.
Ok, 2 concerts at Jones Beach, missed half of one of them though while working on brakes.

And I still have a lot on list before I can try to enjoy Summer, hopefully soon.

Next time, a real blog entry. - J.

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