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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Working on Video of Older MacBook Upgrade

It seems like there is always something in the way of my getting a video project completed. I ordered some RAM memory expansion for the inherited old MacBook I have. It failed to be recognized by the machine. I swapped it with the old chips 3 times and the old worked, the new did not. Emails back and forth with the supplier and I'm waiting again for a replacement.

The MacBook is from early 2009 and was upgraded once already but it was very slow and the startup time was too much for the user.  It also had MS Word failing to work and hanging the machine and I un-installed it and re-installed
etc., with no improvement.

Even with out the new RAM, I figured I would try it with just the SSD upgrade.  That's not such a bad idea since it will let me know which upgraded component made a difference.

Link to blog post with all the additional details.

I need to figure out what is a vlog video, and if I should have non-vlog videos that are only single subjects since people who search on them find them and only want that subject, rather than my vlog.  Maybe I should just mention in the vlog that I have that other video since anyone only interested in the vlog, would likely not be interested in that single subject video.

Casey Neistat, however, combines everything into the vlog, which I imagine is really not interesting to so many who are not there for that.  Which is also the reason why I have this blog which is really related to my vlogging and a different blog, which is only for tech.

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