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Friday, June 2, 2017

Doing a Video About How To Tweet a Clickable Image Link Vlog_0002

Friday, June 2, 2017 ...can't remember what time I started, but it's been hours.

If you are already doing this, (tweeting a clickable image with a link) you can skip this edition of my Blog and also the related Vlog post which is Vlog #0002.  This is a purely technical blog and vlog post.  Others are less tech and more of a mix of what I'm up to.

The reason I'm blogging and vlogging so much tech currently is because I am still in this learning curve and it is what I'm up to much of the time since I'm still new to it.  The more interesting stuff that's not as techy is also happening and I'd really rather be blog/vlogging that but I have to work thru this stuff first so why not address it while it's here.

I'll be blogging and tweeting this first since it is the subject of my second vlog post and it will only be completed after this is done as well since I'm actually recording the process.

From here on in this blog post, it becomes a bit like a journal and I may even publish it, then add to it and update it through the process if I need to.

3:00pm ET
At this point in the process, I am recording me doing the thumbnail that I'll be using for both this blog post, and then I think I'll be using the same image in this blog post that will then link to the completed video, my YouTube Vlog#0002.

This is the image I'll be tweeting for this blog post. (I wonder if I should use two images, one that points to this blog post and another one here that points to the vlog post?)

4:00pm ET
Of course, being a perfectionist, I decided to use two different images, one for the tweet of the image link to this blog post, and another one for both the tweet linking to the vlog and to place here that also leads to the vlog#0002.  I just hope that when I tweet, the correct image will show up.  I think what I'll do to make sure of that, is to place the blog image here right now, and tweet it now, and then add the second one later.

4:30pm ET
I recorded entering the elements required to tweet the above image as a clickable link.  Then, I entered the URL of this blog post into the Twitter Card Validator and it passed.  It worked.  I have to do some edits on the recorded video, however, since some of the typing I was doing was a just under the lower edge of my screen capture, so this is taking even longer to complete.  But at least I did get this far.  I will now tweet this blog with the clickable image link.

5:20pm ET
Had a cookie (or 3) and spaced out. The tweet was a success. There is an error on Twiter.com's chart of requirements for this, it has a, "no," in the column on the chart for requiring the link of the image, which I thought was incorrect and it was.  When I omitted it, it failed to verify on the Twitter Card Validator and worked when I included it.  I just checked the html code now as I am typing this and all those lines are gone! 

So I just refreshed my twitter page on another machine here and the image was still there, still clickable, and still sent me to this blog post.  So this is interesting, it seems that these codes are only required while actually tweeting and if they disappear or are removed afterwards, it all still works.  This is funny stuff.

5:50pm ET I just clicked on the Twitter Card Validator thinking that since the html I entered here on blogger was gone, that it wouldn't work, but it still did. Maybe I should look again to see if maybe I just couldn't find that code.

I don't see it.
I wanted to check the Twitter Card Validator on another machine, but it requires login to Twitter.  I'll try that later.

7:30 pm ET
Darn, I lost track of time, spoke with someone here, had to help him out, sort things out, look at the beautiful weather, I've had plenty of fun times in beautiful weather, so it's ok to miss some now.  It is Friday, I've been planning and shooting video and auditioning Apple loops all week, I'm not quitting until a Vlog video is posted and it's happening today no matter what.  So now I'm editing.  I hope I have a music clip sitting on the hdd somewhere I can pop in, hope I can use my audio without having to voice over it, etc.  I'm hoping on one more hour but that can easily turn into 3.  Yikes.

11:00pm ET
It took a long time to render that video, I may have had one too many applications running and taking up usable ram.  I actually ended an hour ago, the waiting around was not good.  Another Friday of over 12 hours on a video, I can't keep repeating.

Here it is: Click Here to Go To The Video

Of course, this image should also be a clickable link.  I think I can.

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