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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Quick Video on a Tool, Black and Decker Alligator Electric Lopper Chain Reset

I had to do this anyway, so why not record it and show how I do it since I do it a lot and I'm fast at it now.

It sure makes a much faster video subject and someone might wonder about it and I make videos, so it's fun practice.  First time adding electric guitar soundtrack also.  So far most of these videos are tests of various techniques that I am trying out for experience.  What was it?

I was doing yardwork; I have a very useful tool; it needs some simple adjustments and fixes, it has low maintenance but it should be done - adding oil; it is a fast activity; it is done in good weather, great light with the sun that day; easy subject; I've already done it before; I can use my camera very quickly for this type of near field video shot; so I did it.

It is the all electric small chainsaw, the Black and Decker Alligator Lopper.  The chain can come off the track when the chamber that ejects the cuttings, the sawdust, etc., gets a little too full.  Then I just open it up, clear it out, reattach the chain, add oil, reassemble, get back to work.

It's lasted years and there are a lot of videos on YouTube on it, so it must be very popular.  I just added mine, let's see how it ranks on search, just for fun.  These  aren't getting millions, just barely thousands of views so it's obviously only a test.  Here's the link.

Black and Decker Electric Lopper Chainsaw link below:

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