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Monday, May 15, 2017

Learning To Be Flexible With a Project and Two Videos Published

I had to publish a video before I was done with the one I was currently working on.  I never did that before, but sometimes, you have to just give one project a rest while knowing that you can complete another one during that rest time.  That's what I did, is it a concept?  Maybe a small one?  I guess that's a question that answers a question, that's OK, right?

I've been working on a video that was supposed to be very simple, basic, quick to produce, but it wasn't.  All I was planning to do was to buy a cheap headset and test the mic and demonstrate the new mic sound.  Hopefully it would be an improvement.  I couldn't get the mic to work, I didn't have a way to connect it to my audio gear that I was using with my current mic.

I went back to the store where I got it to get an adaptor for it.  That also didn't work with it either.  So I was in it for 2 full days with no video, and no simple voice recording improvement, or even a test.  So I did research on this and found something I was beginning to suspect.

I found that microphones that are made for connecting to a computer are made to require a bias voltage to work.  This is also called, plug-in power.

It is about 5 volts.  This is new to me, I do know about phantom power, but that is 48 volts!  Luckily, I didn't send the phantom power to the mic or I would have fried it.

This means that the video started to become all about how I discovered bias voltage rather than just a quick, simple mic test.  That means the entire project is changed, so it required a lot of editing and it requires a lot of flexibility and open minded thinking.  Changing a project midway, can mess with the mind since the flow is interrupted and feels like something totally different.

I got the fast video out, it was just a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 I saw on display.  Getting video out in 2 days or one half day in editing with the shooting the night before is a good feeling.  I think I kind of needed that feeling since I immediately got a clear head and completed the first video and decided to make it a part 1 of 2, maybe 3.

So this post was all about learning to be flexible with a project and including new considerations within project work flow.  It takes a lot to describe it but also helps to put in words the little adjustments I went through recently.

I did a post on my tech blog on it: techlinkcorner blog s8 link

And the bias voltage video:  Bias Voltage found during mic test link

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