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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Completing a Project Without Giving Up No Matter How Long It Takes With Link To Vlog_0001

It took 12 hours and then some more time uploading and tagging, but I refused to end the day and week without having this video up on my channel.

I was doing some things that I never did before, so it was really because of the learning curve, that I'm not yet finished with.  I had so much I wanted to do and it's taking a lot of learning to accomplish it.  There are many more ideas I want to implement and I don't know how to do those either so I'm still in the middle of that curve.

I was rather upset that it took so long on Friday to get that video done, but on Saturday, I was actually happy that I completed it and that I did what I decided a while ago, was the thing I should be doing with my life for now, and definitely what I should be doing with all my skill, talent, experience.  That took many years for me to understand and it could surely fill a book.  Maybe someday it can at least be a couple of chapters somewhere, or a series of vlogs and blogs.

Noon to midnight, on a Friday, so I didn't get to happy hour of course.  I did take short breaks like any human, but I was very determined.  I shot new footage, composed the soundtrack, used an old MacBook with GarageBand, edited video like mad, increased playback speed on a clip by converting frame rate, took some notes but not nearly enough, found new settings for new features included in my video for the first time, and more.  That's just from my memory, there is probably a lot more.

I decided to call this my VLOG #0001 since part of me is in it and it is covering more than just one subject.  It took 6 months and a lot of experimenting and learning to get to where I now think I can do a decent job on my vlog so it is time.
Link: VLOG #0001 With Mic Tests
Thanks for watching, please subscribe, not sure when I upload next one, definitely weekly a least, not sure what day tho. - J

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