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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Busy With Other Stuff But Still Posting Video, Just Fewer Blogs

Omitting the details for now, but lots of driving and appointments can take a lot of time and energy away.  I was not giving in tho, and continued to post video, I'm not yet calling them vlogs, however.  The blog update did get missed, but I'm not letting that happen any more either.

It's actually helpful to sort out thoughts with blogging and I'll bring whatever I need to bring to write wherever it is that I am since as I'm writing this, it definitely feels good to explain what is going on with me and the blog and vlog project and my related life.

Then after composing, all I would need to do is type it up, and that's the easiest part of anything I have to do.  At least something is easy....

Latest video post: How to change out battery on SE-50 Boss effects unit
Blog with details: My Tech Blog on Linux and more

The bad news is that after the Wall Street Journal attacked the number one blogger on YouTube, Felix, PewDiePie, Kellenjberg, they didn't stop there.  They went on to attack all of YouTube and organzied an advertiser boycott which essentially shut down the payment for YouTubers.  WITH NO RESPONSE FROM YOUTUBE OR GOOGLE.

This is a concerted effort for the final effect of ending the freedom of expression on that platform that was enjoyed by many for a long time.  But that's what happens when independent media is consolidated and becomes dependent on the new boss.  It is to be expected.  It is the natural order in the world.  It hasn't even become a major media news story and it never will.  It's over, done, time to move on.  The platform still stands, however and it still works, and I will still continue to move forward with my skills I am building in making multimedia video.  I will still post there because it is a very well working distribution system for world wide video serving.  I just won't be expecting to ever get paid for it unless things change again, but I doubt it will ever revert.

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