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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Little Nature, Right On Time

Three or 4 days before Easter holiday I noticed something moving out the window.  I looked and saw cute ears moving along under the window, it was hard to see but definitely it was a bunny.

I figured that was it, I would never see that again, but a few minutes later he was visible in the yard and I had a clear window view.  I ran and got the camera and was lucky to have some time recording still and video.

It's been over 10 years since I saw a live rabbit in the yard and it was nice that this time, I have a decent camera to capture the rare event.

So then I had a little work to do:

edited out the talking
cut missed images, cut out of focus time and the extreme shakes
added a Bunny Theme sound track
kept it to minimal narration
got a couple of minutes of clips that were good enough
popped the new bumper on the ends
edited a frame and captured final steps editing the thumbnail
typed up the transcript file for the closed captioning in English
uploaded the video, the thumbnail, and the transcript file

Published it to YouTube channel.

Bunny Hopping in Yard

What I didn't have the time to do, however, was set up a tripod.  If I did that, I definitely would have missed out on all that I did capture, but it is a little bit shaky since I had to use the maximum zoom.  It's great to have zoom though, there wouldn't be much there without it.  I was at the maximum zoom of 200mm on this video.

Camera used is the Nikon D3300 with the kit lens auto focus and I set it on full auto since I was pressed for time.