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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Upgraded My Skills a Bit With Text Animation Also Uploaded to YouTube

I have to be flexible with my blog posting and post even if I'm not continuing a subject and starting a new one.  I'd like to keep my posts in order and complete a subject that has more than one entry, but what happens from that perfectionism is worse.  It leads to not posting a new entry for too long.  That's where I've been.

It isn't always possible to complete a part 2 in time and being really busy during the learning curve for blogging and vlogging means that I can't get to that part of my list where it says, "complete part 2."

I've been building my Linux work station up with audio software, hardware interfaces, other audio gear and learning how to get it all going.  I also try to vlog about it for YouTube and blog about it for my Tech blog.  I can't even try to explain how complicated it is and how much has to be learned and configured and stuff.  It would be a very long and probably boring blog entry and might sound like I'm complaining.  I'll save those details, if I ever get around to blogging about them, for the tech blog.

So here it is, about 3 months in to my new media enterprise of blogging and vlogging.  It is just as much work as anything else that's new but also an actual thing that can be considered to be a... I'm hesitating on the word here, so here are some options I'm thinking of: job, career, occupation, (more than just an activity) I'll have to sleep on this....

Ok so here it is, about 3 months in, and I don't really mind how much work it is, or how much I am learning, or how deep it can go, or how slow it can actually be to see any advancement.  That's because I feels a lot like I'm doing what I think fits me the best.  There is so much life stuff that I've had to also do during this time and that takes huge amounts of time away from it and that's annoying, but otoh, this has it's own slow growth schedule anyway. 

I did find a way to animate text without using the proprietary, costly software available.  I vlogged that also.  My text animation method 

And I used that technique on my latest upload to YouTube for beginner's on what I think is a little tip on getting subscribers when you have none.

 Beginner's tip for subscribers on YouTube

Finally one day I'm getting to bed before 3am, GN!