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Friday, January 13, 2017

Hey Where's That Vid? And a New Little Info Vid

It's so cliche, but I had technical difficulties.  Yes, I probably could have re-routed all my cables for the machines and the hubs (switches) and the monitors etc to plain old power strips, but I did have the new UPS batteries, so....

Why not just replace them since it should go so quickly.  But I also had to record it because I was planning on doing that anyway.  So then it became a project and I had to edit it and I'm laughing as I type this because it seems so absurd.  Like is this what my life is coming to?  I need to create content from everything?

Yes, that is exactly what my life is coming to.  Everything within reason is going to become content.  At least for a while anyway, like a few years.

So now I can get going on that video I mentioned because I have a working UPS powering everything in the office.  It's actually not that crazy since the power does blink a few times around here and that's enough to destroy a lot of work and recording voice-over, audio recording, editing audio and video, etc.  So I really couldn't go without.

So that video is techy not artsy, but here it is anyway or just wait for the one I intend to do ASAP.

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