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Friday, January 6, 2017

First New Video of Year is Final Holiday of 2016 Season

Only 24 hours after my deadline I uploaded a video.  I have to improve on what I'm doing or it isn't worth doing.  The little improvements were big complications on the tech side of course.

Edits using software, adding a music track, all slowed me down and I had to work hours that turned into days.  I really have a deadline of Thursday at 4pm.  Considering all the new parts, 24 hours isn't really so bad.  But I definitely HAD to get something up this week or I know I would feel like I'm not really doing this.

I took pages of notes and joined a forum to ask questions and even learned some python in case my editor was not going to work.  I had a backup plan of capturing video by playing the parts in VLC and capturing them with a sound track from the stereo mix.  Lucky I wasn't forced into implementing that workaround.

I'll end this here since I want to tweet before 5pm ET.

Video 3 end of holiday short

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