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Friday, January 13, 2017

Hey Where's That Vid? And a New Little Info Vid

It's so cliche, but I had technical difficulties.  Yes, I probably could have re-routed all my cables for the machines and the hubs (switches) and the monitors etc to plain old power strips, but I did have the new UPS batteries, so....

Why not just replace them since it should go so quickly.  But I also had to record it because I was planning on doing that anyway.  So then it became a project and I had to edit it and I'm laughing as I type this because it seems so absurd.  Like is this what my life is coming to?  I need to create content from everything?

Yes, that is exactly what my life is coming to.  Everything within reason is going to become content.  At least for a while anyway, like a few years.

So now I can get going on that video I mentioned because I have a working UPS powering everything in the office.  It's actually not that crazy since the power does blink a few times around here and that's enough to destroy a lot of work and recording voice-over, audio recording, editing audio and video, etc.  So I really couldn't go without.

So that video is techy not artsy, but here it is anyway or just wait for the one I intend to do ASAP.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tonight's Mission is to Document the Final Night of a Great Bar

I'm heading out right now, as soon as I hit post.  Going to take a final look at a great bar that has a Beatles theme to it.

One last visit to Eleanor Rigby's.  I'll try to capture as much of the Beatles memorabilia in there as I can and I'll try to get the general vibe, but if it's crowded, that may be hard to do, I may have to rely on stills rather than panning.

Plan is leave now at 8:30 ET and return around midnight to start editing and upload before 3am.  If I have trouble, the next deadline is noon tomorrow, Thursday, if I have extreme trouble, then deadline is 4pm tomorrow.  Before 3am would be sweet tho.  CUL.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Baffled by More Views Than I Expected and Plans for Next Video

Somehow I have 820 views on my silly test video, my initial post.  I have no idea how or why that's happening, I'm not complaining, I just don't understand since I'm not promoting it.  It's just the local fire department pulling Santa on a trailer for 4 minutes.

The other weird thing is that he doesn't even show up until 3.5 minutes in, but people are only watching for an average of one minute.  So they aren't even seeing him, which is kinda the point?

Then my other 2 videos are just me looking back at old camera gear and my first digital camera that was insanely $1,000.  So that's just for camera gear heads so I get why it's not popular.

The third vid is just my Christmas tree then a wipe to me hilariously ripping open a box of chocolates and cutting them up and putting whip cream on them and eating them with a fork and knife.  Yea, simple, not so great, but only 2 mins and I have lots of fast edits and some simple piano music.  Not a lot there, I know, but I thought it was at least something, since it was edited and composed and maybe cute?  Ornaments?  Sets a mood?  Ok so that's a dud, fine.

So this got me thinking that I should just do a highlight vid of these and of course, keep it way shorter than any so far.  But at least have it move really fast so that it is over in the average one minute that my viewers are giving it.

It also might be funny to cut it up and talk fast and maybe put some fast cutting music to it also.  This still isn't my series that I want to produce, but I just have this feeling like I want to complete this first group by putting and end to it with a very short "highlight" reel that may just be the best of all of them and see if anyone likes it as much as FD Santa.

Here's my view charts on the YouTube analytics stats that is blowing my mind because I was psyched when I somehow had 20 views, then more when I had 80, then 100, then 200, then 4, 5, 6, 7, now 800+ views on that?  Weird, weird, weird, weird weird....

It's 1am ET so I can't even start this highlight reel right now, I wish I could...gn...

I'm on Twitter now also with same name, nocats.net I follow all follows.

I can't sleep, so I'm doing something different first.  I'm going to show the highlights of the videos but from my desktop just playing in VLC, narrate it, and all in under one minute.  Done, it's up.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Myspace Plays from YouTube?

So I looked up Donovan and on his twitter page, it lists myspace, which was surprising.  So then I'm playing his music thinking I'm in myspace, but then I see that it's actually playing from a little YouTube box.  I guess myspace was just a link, but....

But looking again at it, there's also a strip on the bottom that looks like a player that is in myspace.  I have to search on this and figure it out.

Friday, January 6, 2017

First New Video of Year is Final Holiday of 2016 Season

Only 24 hours after my deadline I uploaded a video.  I have to improve on what I'm doing or it isn't worth doing.  The little improvements were big complications on the tech side of course.

Edits using software, adding a music track, all slowed me down and I had to work hours that turned into days.  I really have a deadline of Thursday at 4pm.  Considering all the new parts, 24 hours isn't really so bad.  But I definitely HAD to get something up this week or I know I would feel like I'm not really doing this.

I took pages of notes and joined a forum to ask questions and even learned some python in case my editor was not going to work.  I had a backup plan of capturing video by playing the parts in VLC and capturing them with a sound track from the stereo mix.  Lucky I wasn't forced into implementing that workaround.

I'll end this here since I want to tweet before 5pm ET.

Video 3 end of holiday short