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Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years Eve 2016 YouTube Video Camera Gear

New Years Eve seems to make folks look back.  I looked back a lot more than just one year, way back to when I first started using digital cameras from 35mm film.

YouTube vidoe of my old camera gear

I took a look at my 35mm camera body and the differences between the lenses of film and the more narrow APS-C and DX format. 

Shot the video using Nikon D3300 but I used the internal camera so the autofocus noise was not good.  I'll be using an external mic soon.

This is just a small informational video and really another test.  I read somewhere that YouTube doesn't search a channel until there are at least 3 videos on it.

The real reason for this channel will be my little show I'll be starting soon.

It also shows my old Sony Digital Mavica camera that stored on floppy disk.  That camera was $1000 and my D3300 was half that price!

Happy New Year, more to come soon.

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