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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Added Menu to YouTube Channel with Video

I noticed my YouTube home page, there was no navigation menu or a video on initial viewing, it required a click on uploads.

There is a very simple fix for it.  Go to the gear icon and just toggle on Customize the layout of your channel.  That will get the navigation menu to show up.

Next, to see a video on the default view of the YouTube channel, you have to add a Section.  I added a section using a playlist.  Make a playlist first, give it a name, and then that can be chosen in the section list.

Finally, it looks like the typical YouTube page.
Above is missing the menu and the only way to see a video is to click on Uploads.
Below is fixed version with menu and default video that shows up without the need to click on any menu or button.

Nice to see a doubling of YouTube views even tho this is only a test.

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