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Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years Eve 2016 YouTube Video Camera Gear

New Years Eve seems to make folks look back.  I looked back a lot more than just one year, way back to when I first started using digital cameras from 35mm film.

YouTube vidoe of my old camera gear

I took a look at my 35mm camera body and the differences between the lenses of film and the more narrow APS-C and DX format. 

Shot the video using Nikon D3300 but I used the internal camera so the autofocus noise was not good.  I'll be using an external mic soon.

This is just a small informational video and really another test.  I read somewhere that YouTube doesn't search a channel until there are at least 3 videos on it.

The real reason for this channel will be my little show I'll be starting soon.

It also shows my old Sony Digital Mavica camera that stored on floppy disk.  That camera was $1000 and my D3300 was half that price!

Happy New Year, more to come soon.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

221 YouTube Views Successful Test

Followed some twitter users, left a few YouTube comments, didn't really do that much promotion but gained more views than I thought in only a few days.  So this test is done and it was a success.  YouTube statistics counted accurately even though it was a very small number.

So now I have to follow thru with my plans.  I have so many ideas, I have to pick one and go with it to completion of a first real video.

Testing channel link here: Nocats.net on YouTube

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Added Menu to YouTube Channel with Video

I noticed my YouTube home page, there was no navigation menu or a video on initial viewing, it required a click on uploads.

There is a very simple fix for it.  Go to the gear icon and just toggle on Customize the layout of your channel.  That will get the navigation menu to show up.

Next, to see a video on the default view of the YouTube channel, you have to add a Section.  I added a section using a playlist.  Make a playlist first, give it a name, and then that can be chosen in the section list.

Finally, it looks like the typical YouTube page.
Above is missing the menu and the only way to see a video is to click on Uploads.
Below is fixed version with menu and default video that shows up without the need to click on any menu or button.

Nice to see a doubling of YouTube views even tho this is only a test.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Super Stoked to See My YouTube Test Video View Counts Rise

2am, Dec. 24, 2016.  For a while, YouTube statistics were frozen, stuck, then I checked on them before ending my day and they were finally up.

Keeping this entry short since I need to get to bed, just had to post how excited I am to see the potential here in promoting a YouTube video and seeing results.

This is only the first one and is just a test but seeing results at all is highly encouraging and makes me feel like I'm in the right place for me.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 2 Facebook Views Counted but Not Included in Analytics of YouTube

I did a search and found that 3 years ago, the video views on YouTube were not getting counted if they came from Facebook.

I didn't see any mention of it from a later date so I figured it wasn't a problem.

YouTube analytics seems to suggest that they can report the analytics in real time.  That leads me to believe that there is no data if the video is viewed thru Facebook.  At least the total views seems correct.  Here's the snapshot of it.

Hopefully, the data will show up later, but I have my doubts.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Initial Entry

I'll be uploading YouTube videos and updating my progress here.

First video is only a test; not knowing the implications of all the many settings, I had to just upload a video to start.

My YouTube channel is nocats.net it is the same as this site.  Things may change and I'll post updates here, and on the channel.

Plans are to do a weekly show and a behind the scenes vlog related to the show and this whole crazy idea of a YT channel.  So this is day one, post one, video one, blog entry one.

More plans are to also have informational channel or same channel with informational playlists, not sure which way to go yet.

This link is the search for nocats.net on youtube:
youtube nocats.net